Aviation SELCAL Decoder



User Manual

Ver. 1.0

NOTICE: This manual was written under the assumption that the end-user has a working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows™ operating system and adequate technical knowledge of communications equipment to make use of this software.





I. About ComTekk AvCall

  1. Credits
  2. License

II. Features & Specifications

  1. Features
  2. Specifications

III. Requirements

  1. Operating System
  2. Hardware

IV. Software Installation

  1. Installing ComTekk AvCall
  2. Registering Your Software

V. Using ComTekk AvCall

  1. Running AvCall
  2. GUI Controls
  3. Setup Window
  4. Windows Mixer
  5. Calibration
  6. Log File
  7. Log Viewer
  8. Aircraft Registration File


Appendix A - Troubleshooting FAQ

Appendix B - Technical Support

Web: ComTekk AvCall