A. Troubleshooting FAQ

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A. Troubleshooting FAQ

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1. No input from sound device.

Check Windows Recording mixer settings. Mic or Line input should be selected.

Depending on your sound device driver software, it may only be possible to select one input at a time.



2. Everything appears to be working, but readings seem innacurate.

There's a good possibility your sound device is off-frequency due to internal clock error. This is very common and easy to compensate for by running the built-in Calibration.

3. Calibration or decoder is reading double the tone frequency.

This is a sure sign that input and/or output level is too high, causing a 2nd or 3rd harmonic oscillation. Solve this by reducing the input (recording) level, and if needed, the output (playback) level for the Wave device. If using the microphone input, be sure the Boost is OFF and the input level is set very low.



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B. Technical Support

Registered ComTekk users are entitled to twelve (12) months email technical support at no charge. Telephone support is available for US$75.00 per incident plus any applicable long-distance fees.


Technical support issues should be directed to: