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1. Features

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ComTekk 2-Tone Decoder makes use of the computer sound card and software DSP (Digital Signal Processing) techniques to listen for audio tones and instantly display the frequencies of a single or two-tone paging sequence, such as those used by emergency services dispatchers to alert fire and EMS personnel. These signals are commonly referred to as "alarms", "alerts" or "tone-outs".

ComTekk 2-Tone Decoder will listen for any sustained tone signal and display the frequency or frequencies. After about 5 seconds, the decoder will reset and wait for the next signal.

Additional Features:

For detailed operating instructions, proceed to Using the 2-Tone Decoder.




2. Specifications


NOTE: These specifications apply only to the ComTekk 2-Tone Decoder software. Hardware specifications will vary between different computers and sound devices.


General Specifications:
Decoder Frequency Response:

200Hz ~ 4 KHz

Input Sampling Rate: 11.025 KHz

(sound card calibrated)

+/- 2.7Hz using Fourier approximation
Min. detectable
tone duration:
approx. 400 mS
Min. frequency change between tones: 10 Hz
Calibration tone : 1,000 Hz reference (WAV)
WAV Recording Format : MPEG-3, 8kbps, mono, 8Khz sampling rate
Relay hold time (requires Relay Control option) 1 - 99 seconds







Actual performace will vary between different computers and sound cards. The author makes no warranties or guarantees of performance or suitability for any particular purpose, and assumes no liability whatsoever for the use or mis-use of any software products.