A. Troubleshooting FAQ

B. Technical Support




A. Troubleshooting FAQ


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1. Everything appears to be working, but tones are not being decoded by the aircraft.

If not using the ComTekk Radio Interface, it's possibile your sound device is off-frequency due to internal clock error. This is very common and easy to compensate for by running the built-in Calibration. It is critical to calibrate the software for the particular sound device you are using. Be sure to read and follow the instructions in the Calibration section.

Also be sure radio is tuned exactly to the correct frequency and should be using H2B emission mode (SSB carrier not suppressed).



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B. Technical Support

Registered ComTekk users are entitled to twelve (12) months email technical support at no charge.

Telephone support is available for US$75.00 per incident plus any applicable long-distance fees.


Technical support issues should be directed to: