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Our main focus is on tools for 2-way radio signaling, emergency notification, telecommunications, testing and public safety. ComTekk offers unique software-based solutions, leveraging your CPU's high-speed processing power and Analog/Digital converters (sound card) — standard equipment on modern personal computers.


the history

Development of our first product, ComTekk Tone Generator, began in 2004. After being virtually re-created twice, the basic version was finally released in October 2005. Dispatcher was released in 2006, followed by SELCAL, SINAD, and the popular 2-Tone Decoder, in 2007. Advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) techniques enable functions not previously available, such as instant frequency measurement. We have many exciting new programs in development and on the drawing board. Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter to stay current.

We're constantly updating, improving and adding new features and software, based on customer feedback, and over 20 years of experience in radio, electronics, telecommunications, and customer service. Click here to see a sampling of our customer list.


about the author

Brian Williams, NB5R




Brian Williams holds a bachelors degree in electronics engineering from ITT Tech in Indianapolis. His life-long interest in 2-way radio and emergency communications began in North Central Texas in the 1970s when a neighbor let him borrow her son's Hallicrafters shortware receiver. In those days, HF was still used as a primary means of communication for international broadcasting, maritime and amateur radio.

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Using his father's analog communications receiver, he monitored the local RACES Skywarn nets whenever severe weather was in the area. Amateur radio was the only warning received when a devastating F4 tornado struck Wichita Falls on April 10, 1979.

A few years later, in 1983, he became a novice class licensed amateur radio operator, advancing to Technician shortly thereafter, serving as a SKYWARN spotter for 9 years before relocating to New Mexico. In 2001, he passed the extra class exam in Durango, Colorado and now holds the call sign NB5R.

Mr. Williams has owned several businesses in computers, security, LMR and telecommunications and has recently been involved in an antenna design project for the US Navy SPAWAR.

Through his various companies he has designed and/or installed repeaters, CAD systems, wireless data networks, fiber optic networks, fire & security systems, PBX equipment, and more. In 2005, Williams served as Construction Manager for for ExxonMobil's new telecommunications facilities on Sakhalin Island, Russia. This included VSAT, microwave links, fiber & copper LAN/WAN, digital trunked radio, Inmarsat, aeronautical navigation, etc. for multiple sites along a 120-mile pipeline reaching onto the mainland of eastern Siberia.

He spent many years as a volunteer with Taos Search & Rescue, later advancing to Type II Incident Commander for the New Mexico State Police SAR program, where he commanded more than 50 wilderness SAR missions in the Rocky Mountains. He also flew with the Civil Air Patrol for several years, serving as squadron Director of Communications and received a letter of commendation from an Air Force officer for helping promote cooperation between CAP and SAR agencies. Brian was an early promoter and educator of ICS (the Incident Command System, formerly known as NIIMS), provided training and direction for E-911 dispatchers, ham radio groups, REACT & CERT teams, LEPC's and was a featured speaker at the NM State APCO convention.

One of his goals with ComTekk is to provide cost effective communications tools which will be of benefit to first responders and the public they serve.



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We believe in giving back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communites.


ComTekk is a proud supporter of the
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