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Fire Safety Equipment


Eliminate 99% of Carbon Monoxide emissions on all PPVs, Generators and Extrication Equipment

The GenCat® is a bolt-on replacement catalytic muffler for all small gasoline powered engines designed to significantly reduce deadly carbon monoxide (CO).

Improve the safety of your personnel and others while drastically reducing harmful CO emissions. Independent laboratory tests confirmed the GenCat removes 99% of all CO from the engine's exhaust.

"This will create a much safer environment for our people (50+ apparatus that carry fans). The recent study of cancer and the spread rate in firemen is alarming, and it is one more reason why the Gencats are such a great product."

- Ric Jorge, PBCFR
  Palm Beach County Fire/Rescue

Carbon monoxide reduction is achieved through a thermal conversion process using proprietary technology without the use of a closed-loop lambda system. Carbureted engines inherently run "rich" by design. The GenCat acts like a secondary afterburner converting this fuel-rich CO laiden exhaust to a much safer mix of carbon dioxide (CO2) , and water (H2O). The end result being near perfect combustion.

Small gas engine exhaust contains CO levels up to 30,000 ppm, roughly equivalent to that of 300 idling cars! With the GENCAT installed, carbon monoxide is reduced to a mere 150-250 ppm, about as much as a 4-burner stove.

How it works:



Quick and easy 2-minute installation:


"The fire service has now become acutely aware of carbon monoxide as the silent killer for first responders, so much so, there has been a marketing push in the detection industry.
I am...pushing forward with a project that converts all our gas powered large equipment, i.e. extrication tools and generators, with Gencats."

- G. Holness, R-EMTP, BA, District Chief,
   Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue & Emergency Service


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Disclaimer: GENCAT will reduce, not eliminate CO levels. Always follow your equipment manufacturers’ safety guidelines and warnings! GENCAT is a registered trademark owned by Robert Aratari, 300 Technologies. GENCAT information and products provided by 300 Technologies, Inc.



We believe in giving back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communites.


ComTekk is a proud supporter of the
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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