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UniPage™ X

Tone Paging Encoder


UniPage X is a software-based tone paging encoder which may be deployed as a stand-alone application or as a replacement for the now defunct DINET UNIPAGE VI encoder. UniPage X can be installed on an existing CAD workstation with no additional console or rack space required. Transmitter is controlled by a small USB adapter, the temperature-compensated CRF Universal Radio Interface, which provides highly accurate tone generation.

UniPage operation is fast and simple, with a user interface which closely emulates the original DINET UNIPAGE console. A number of improvements have been made. Initial programming is greatly simplified. Four custom alert buttons are available for one-touch emergency alerting or paging.

UniPage may be controlled in several ways, using mouse, keyboard, touch-screen or RS-232 serial remote for CAD integration. A serial to Ethernet adapter may be used for control over the Internet.


Primary or backup paging encoder

Software-based replacement for DINET UNIPAGE consoles

Fast, easy user interface

Supports 1-tone, 2-tone, 3-tone, Knox, DTMF, and custom formats

Unlimited pager presets and stacks

RS-232 remote control

No additional console or rack space required

Minimal communicator training requirements



Mini-mode displays only the four preset alert buttons:


Unipage installation is relatively simple. Connect the CRF Universal Radio Interface to the computer's USB port, then wire the interface's radio connector to the transmitter (PTT and audio).

Unipage hardware connection block diagram:




Fully functional software demo available.

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