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ComTekk ARX
VHF/UHF Alert Receiver


Alert receiver


Low-cost Fire Station Alerting and siren control

Fully programmable Alert Receiver monitors frequency of your choice 24/7 for up to four tone alert signals. Provides audible and visual alert, and two relays to control external devices, such as bell/siren, lights, etc. Opens squelch for voice information. Flashing LED continues until reset. <rear view>

Ideal for for EOC, public safety, fire stations, first responders, schools, home or business.




Instant emergency alerts for Fire/EMS

Triggered by 2-tone page, or optional DTMF

Loud 2-watt alert beeper

Dual relays to control external devices - lights, bell, etc.


External speaker jack

Telescoping antenna included

Weather, EAS alerting (not available in all areas)

Volume, squelch, monitor and reset functions

LED visual indicator

Includes AC adaptor and antenna

DC cord and bracket for mobile mounting

One-year manufacturer's warranty




CTCSS decoder

External battery backup unit

DTMF decoder



ON/OFF/ VOLUME CONTROL - Turns on receiver and adjusts speaker to
desired volume.

SQUELCH CONTROL - Adjusts the amount of signal required to open the
speaker while in the monitor mode.

TONE/ MONITOR SWITCH - Selects whether you want tone coded
messages only (switch out), or monitor all traffic on your frequency (switch
pressed in).

RESET SWITCH - Depress this switch to mute the speaker, stop the alert
LED from flashing, or manually reset the relays.

POWER/ ALERT LED - Indicates power is turned on when the LED is solid
red. The LED flashes to indicate the unit has been activated. The LED
continues to flash until the RESET switch is pressed.

ANTENNA JACK - Connector for telescoping antenna (included) or optional outdoor antenna for long-range reception.

EXTERNAL SPEAKER JACK - May be connected to PA system. If an external speaker is used, the internal speaker will disconnect.

POWER JACK - Use the wall mount power supply shipped with the
receiver or the optional DC power cord.

RELAY CONTACTS - Timed relay contacts for controlling external
devices such as lights, PA, bell, etc.




Rear Panel View:




Order Info:

** 1-year parts & labor warranty  **

Pricing effective Dec. 10, 2012

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Please allow approx. 2 weeks for delivery.

All prices in US Dollars (USD)

ComTekk Alert Receiver

With two-tone decoder, triggers on
(2) two-tone alerts
(2) single-tone alerts

* Includes 2 programmable relays, can be triggered by different tones.

FREE Programming Included!

($17.95 S&H added - continental US only)

only $379

Alert Receiver (no relays)

Two alerts can be triggered by 2 different tone sets.

FREE Programming Included!

($17.95 S&H added - continental US only)

Accessories & Options

External Battery Backup Option

Keeps your receiver functioning for several hours in the event of a power failure.

($6.00 S&H added)


DTMF Decoder Option

Receiver alert activated by DTMF sequence.

Over-the-air programming - instructions provided


CTCSS Decoder Option

Receiver alert activated by tone + CTCSS.

FREE Programming Included!


Programming Kit*

For customer programming of receiver and decoders. Technical expertise required - use at your own risk

*Requires Windows XP/98

($6.00 S&H added)


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Size 5 1/2"~615116"x 1518"
Weight 1 Ib. 1 oz.
Power 13.8 VDC
Antenna External (supplied) 50 ohm z
Frequency Low 29-54 MHz
High 136-1 74 MHz
UHF 406-512 MHz
RF Sensitivity 0.3uV 29-52 MHz
(nominal) 0.4uV 136-174 MHz
0.4uV 406-512 MHz
0.9uV 108.000-136.975 MHz
Audio Output 2 watts maximum


Alert receivers manufactured for ComTekk by Veetronix, Inc.



We believe in giving back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communites.


ComTekk is a proud supporter of the
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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