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ComTekk TRC

Tone Remote Console


Tone remote console dispatch screen

New - updated GUI


ComTekk Tone Remote Console is an EIA-compliant tone remote console for controlling a 2-way radio via 4-wire line or twisted pair connection. PTT (transmit), frequency change and other functions are activated by a series of tones, allowing the radio to be operated remotely with only a voice-grade connection. Tone remote control has been commonly used for years in dispatch centers and remote base stations.

The radio must be fitted with a standard Tone Termination Panel. These are made by manufacturers such as Telex/Vega, CPI (TTP-2) and are commonly available from distributors such as Tessco and Hutton.



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"Why not use a conventional console?"

  1. Lower cost, no additional hardware required.
  2. Use with almost any desktop or laptop computer.
  3. Quick deployment for Emergency or Backup use.
  4. Advanced CAD features.
  5. Works with existing infrastructure


Tone-remote console wiring


Use with 4-wire lines - no external hardware required, providing sound card has AUX/LINE input and two outputs. A Line Interface Adaptor is highly recommended for commercial applications (available below).

TRC is available as a fully functional download with a 15-day free trial period.


Fully configurable tone settings:


Tone remote settings dialog

Tone remote settings dialog



Minimum System Requirements:

  1. Windows 7/8/8.1 / Vista / XP
  2. CPU: 1GHz Pentium-class or better
  3. Memory: At least 512MB RAM
  4. Full-duplex audio (16-bit)
  5. Hard Disk Space: 12MB



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15-Day Free Trial

Try out the fully operational tone-remote console:


Single-user license


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only $59

Hardcopy (CD)

Get a Permanent backup: ComTekk Software and activation key burned onto a CD - includes 1st Class Postage to any US address.

US $14.99

600-ohm Line interface adapter

in stock

For connecting computer sound card input or output to 2-wire twisted-pair line.

ComTekk's 600-ohm 1:1 isolator with DC blocking, "hot chassis" and over-voltage protection (20V). Also eliminates ground loops, filters RFI and AC line noise.

Connections: 3.5mm (1/8") Male [to computer]
Screw terminal block [to equipment]

Special order options:

  • 4-wire line interface
  • non-metallic enclosure
  • custom connectors

more info..

$21.95 ea.

Contact us for custom orders and quantity pricing




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