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Sound Card Isolators


Protect your computer with ComTekk's exclusive 600-ohm isolator with DC blocking, ground loop elimination, "hot chassis" and surge protection. Also filters RFI and AC line noise.

6' (2m) cable male/female 1/8" (3.5mm) connectors. Wired as 'mono' - input to one channel provides output to both.

Measured loss is only 2dB, DC resistance approx. 570 ohms. Frequency response optimized for 300Hz - 3,000Hz. May be used on input or output lines.

Transient surge absorber limits voltage on computer side (male connector).

Plug male end into computer sound IN/OUT,
and female to radio or twisted-pair line



From $17.95 ea

May be ordered with Male/Male connectors or 16dB attenuation to reduce audio level when used with computer's MIC input.



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