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and Fire-EMS Dispatch Logging system


Instantly discover fire dispatch pager tone frequencies,
repeater access tones and DTMF codes.



Scanners with fire tone-out feature



Includes all the features
of our popular 2-Tone Decoder, PLUS:

CTCSS sub-audible tone decoder reveals repeater access tones

DCS Digital-Coded Squelch decoding (requires receiver with discriminator or demodulator (unfiltered) output)

DTMF "Touch-Tone™" decoder / logger

Improved 2-tone decoding captures "stacked" pages

Built-in Log Viewer / Player

External serial port control to operate relay or PTT circuit

Fully supports Windows XP, Vista / 7, 8, 10

Useful for setting up SafAlert Notifier™ or for programming scanners with a "Fire station tone-out" feature.

Serial/USB control for external relay or Push-to-Talk repeater operation - Now you can retransmit audio using our Universal Radio Interface, or activate a light, bell, door, etc. by adding an external relay.



Read on for complete description...OR see the online User Manual.

For ordering information, click here.



How it works:

ComTekk Multi-Decoder utilizes the latest in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to instantly and accurately measure the frequencies of a received two-tone paging signal or "fire dispatch tone out" signal, CTCSS "PL" tones, and DTMF codes.

Receiver audio output is fed into the computer's sound card (via cable or microphone) where an A/D converter reads the signal's instantaneous voltage 11,025 times per second. This is the sampling rate. With time and magnitude data, the software first processes each batch of samples by applying a band-pass filter or window, thereby ignoring any frequencies outside the range of 250-5,000 Hz. Another filter searches for continuous tones, ingoring noise, voice and digital communications. Frequencies below 250 Hz are generally reserved for DCS, CTCSS sub-audible tones used to access repeaters and limit interference. DTMF tones, most commonly known as "Touch-Tone" (tm AT&T) are used for paging, ANI and remote control over radio, and for dialing on telephone lines.

The tone frequencies are displayed immediately on screen. Now, simply enter the two frequencies into a two-tone alert radio to be alerted any time that tone-out is sent. Receive dispatches on your mobile phone or email with SafAlert Notifier.

< Hear a 2-tone Dispatch >


Compatible formats:

CTCSS, DCS, DTMF and any single or dual sequential (1+1) tone format such as:

[Detailed Specifications]





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ComTekk Multi Decoder

Tone decoder software

only $69.95


Additional User License


$39 ea.


Upgrade from 2-Tone Decoder II

Version 2 or later only!

only $35.00

$ave on these popular bundles

2-Tone Pack

Tone Generator with 2-Tone Paging
      (No 5/6-Tone or Tone Remote)


only $89.95
(save $57)

Radio Tech PRO Pack

Tone Generator (full version)
SINAD Receiver Alignment Tool
CD-ROM Included (USA, Canada)


only $159
(save $73)

Accessories & Options

Hardcopy (CD)

Get a Permanent backup: ComTekk Software and activation key burned onto a CD - includes 1st Class Postage to any US or CA address.

US $14.99

Sound Card Isolator/Protector

Protect your computer with ComTekk's exclusive 600-ohm isolator with DC blocking, "hot chassis" and surge protection. Eliminates ground loops, filters RFI and AC line noise!

Recommended when connecting to base station equipment or twisted-pair lines.

(S&H added)

From $17.95

PageTone cap code converter

The cap code can be calculated using either the filter codes or filter frequencies. PageTone can also find the page tones that correspond to a given capcode.

NOTE: PageTone is provided by a third party and is NOT supported by ComTekk




1. Be sure to check the system requirements before placing your order. By purchasing or installing this software, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the License (EULA).

2. Your temporary activation key will be delivered via the email address you provided immediately after purchase. Please check your spam filter and allow up to 4 hours before contacting Support.



**Recommended Minimum System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista™/ XP
Pentium class better CPU
16-bit full-duplex audio device





Uniden Scanner

Low-cost scanning receivers Starting around a hundred dollars, these basic units are great for monitoring analog communications and are compatible with our 2-Tone Decoder...$99+

Uniden BC125AT Low-cost handheld analog scanner, 500 channels, 25-512MHz, more... ~ $129


Scanners with Fire Tone-out Feature:

These scanning receivers may be programmed to trigger on 2-tone alerts, once you have obtained the tone frequencies using ComTekk's MultiDecoder.

Uniden BCD396XT The ultimate handheld, with 6,000 channels, 25MHz-1.3GHz, P25 digital, TrunkTracker™ IV, Close-Call, more...~$469

Uniden BCT15X Low-cost base/mobile analog/trunking scanner, 9,000 channels, 25-1300MHz, more... ~ $189




TrunkTracker, BearTracker, are registered trademarks of Uniden Corp.

We believe in giving back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communites.


ComTekk is a proud supporter of the
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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